About Swachhata

The Swachhata application is a fourth generation complaint redressal mobile and web platform. It is a quantum leap in how complaints and grievances are being redressed by Municipal Corporations in India. This solution is for all the 4041 towns and cities of India.

The Swachhata application fuses together a time-tested complaint redressal platform with the opportunity for citizens to work together on civic issues with community centric features for citizens to vote up on complaints, share them with other concerned citizens and comment on the work being done.

The campaign was officially launched on October 2, 2014 at Rajghat, New Delhi, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself cleaned the road. It was performed in remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. It was India's biggest ever cleanliness drive and saw the participation of 3 million government employees, school and college students.

Benefits to Citizens

A transparent and accountable system of grievance redressal

  • Simplicity & ease of reporting

    Citizens only need to take a picture of the civic-related complaint and post it through their Swachhata app.

  • Locate the complaint with ease

    The app can pinpoint the location of the complaint with accuracy using the geo-location of the picture, which will lead to faster resolution of the complaint.

  • Regular complaint status updates

    Citizens will get regular updates on the status of the complaint in the form of a push notification.

  • Push notification when resolved

    Citizens will get a push notification with the 'Resolved' image uploaded by the sanitary inspector or engineer when they change the status to Resolved.

  • Reopen unresolved complaint

    Citizens can reopen the complaint if they are not satisfied with the resolution.

  • Provide feedback on complaints

    As complaints get resolved, citizens can provide feedback on the quality of the resolution.

How It Works

The key to the working of mobile applications such as Swachhata is large scale citizen participation.

The Citizen Dashboard

This is a website open to all citizens, it will provide a rating and ranking for all the cities on the Swachhata platform based on the resolution rate. It will provide a break down of the performance of each ward in the city.

Citizens cannot log into the site to lodge complaints - complaints will only be lodged through the mobile application.

Citizen Dashboard

Service Level Agreements

Swachhata app aims to foster large scale citizen participation.

The Swachhata city rating system works on the number of complaints resolved by the corporation - with adherence to Service Level Agreements and to the satisfaction of the complainant. Action on the complaints may vary depending on the categories. Action for most complaints will be initiated from 6 hours of registration. There is a detailed escalation process built in the mobile application so that complaints that are not resolved at the lower level are moved to higher levels for action and resolution.

The Citizen Apps

Mobile App

Citizens can download the mobile application and use it to file complaints. The citizens only need to take a picture of the complaint they see on the ground and post it through the Swachhata app.

The app can pinpoint the location of the complaint using the geo-location of the picture. It would automatically get forwarded to the municipal corporation for action.

Citizens get regular updates and notifications on the status of their complaint.

Citizens can send comments, feedback, reply to status messages and give final comments after verifying whether the complaint has been resolved on the ground.

Users can also vote up on complaints in their locality or complaints uploaded by friends and neighbours.